17 August 2011

It's our first time to see how fast she can fall asleep. Perhaps the bath in the afternoon works, perhaps the breeze makes her feel sleepy, perhaps it's time for nap... however, it's so funny to see her this way... never think my baby girl can be so cute.

6 July 2011


Síne's first play date in swimming pool. But accident happens, she has no fun in swimming but biting her own toes, but this time, it's not her toe, it was her friend's toe... oops...

27 June 2011

22 June 2011

Síne is 5 months old and she is on 3~6 M clothes finally. She is small in her age, and we are trying to feed her more, hopefully she grows better. Her feet is about 10 cm, we got some shoes from Chris' daughter. Also, I bought a pair of shoes from Inch-Blue and Mothercare. Those shoes should keep her busy for a while.

20 June 2011

It's Síne's first time to gallery and she gonna see the master piece - Picasso. We come with a friend who has a 4 months old baby boy, yes, we met on the same group on facebook. We are the first time to visit the Museum of History and the facilities are new, but the nursery room is so simple and it's shared with stuff rest room. TPE city wants to be an international city, but there are so many things need to be done. Also, part of culture background will be difficult. Most of time I don't like to do breastfeeding in public, so I have to find a nursery room nearby while we go out. Síne likes the Museum and she keeps quiet, opens her eyes and stares at those paintings. I wonder how much she can pick up but it's a nice trial. I am going to try few more times, taking her to gallery and perhaps other activities. Many of Museum staffs say Síne is the youngest visitor they have ever seen and we look forward to see how much she receives.

Síne grows 2 tiny tooth! She has been cranky for weeks and she was happy when we gave her the cool teether. We are kind of expecting but we don't think it'll come so early. My mom keeps saying my first two tooth pop out when I was 4 months old. Síne doesn't drool much and her cranky I though it was normal, part of growing. Not only her tooth, her hands and feet are getting bigger. I miss holding her hand and feet, so tiny in my hand. She grows so fast. Although I keep complaining her weight and high (4 month, 64 cm, 6.4 kg, right in the middle of average), but she does grow fast and I miss her (when I met her first time) already. Her two tiny little tooth are the best Father's day present ever. She is 5 months and 2 weeks old now. Good job, that's my girl.

18 June 2011

It's 99's first lunch date with 35 babies. I join this group which is a bunch of new mother who has their baby who was born in Jan to Mar 2011. We all face the same problem, the same issue, the same process. In this group, we back up each other and give the spirit support. We can talk after pumping at night, before head back to bed, we can share information, not only for baby, but also for us. Many of us are small family, just three of us; there are a lot of things need to get used to. For example: most of mommy haven't sleep thru the night, just some of them who are on formula milk. We are trying, but not success yet. While this lunch date goes on, we can meet each other in person and talk more about babies. Most of them say Síne look bigger in photo and they adore her, most of mommy... Síne is not the only mix kid in the group, but she is most adorable kid in the group.

17 June 2011

99 swimming lesson 2

It's 99's 2nd time in swimming pool, but we take her to the adult pool this time. So DC can walk in the pool with his girl kicking. 99 is not afraid of water which is a good news. She knows how to kick and she likes it. Next, we will teach her how to dive. Well, maybe it'll be too fast. We'll see then.

99 swimming lesson 1

This is 99's first time in the pool. She has a good time.

28 May 2011

alright, it's just for real. If you are going to eat or whatever, don't watch it then.

My parents are going to take a holiday in the South of China and we are going to stay at home with Grandpa. Actually Grandpa is more clear than before, but normally only happens at night. Grandpa is getting weaker every time I see him.
It takes Síne for a while to get used to have boys around her and tries to fit into their schedule. We take an afternoon nap together in JP room (with air-conditioning). KHH is very hot (35 degrees, no cloud), we need to keep Síne calm and wait for the breeze come in the late afternoon. So far, she likes it. Just these two monkey bother her sometimes.

27 May 2011

Síne makes Grandparents have a better day by seeing her in the morning. Dad will come to our room as soon as he hears Síne and he will take her down stair and talk to her for a while. I can see it as routine.
Since we are down to KHH and it's so hot, so I am going to try to free Síne from nappy. It works, just I have to learn how to count her frequency. I can't do it in TPE, not only there has less sunshine and also DC won't let me do it.
Daniel likes to take everybody to join him for the game (the real estate game, but in his rule). Duncan really likes to play part of it, but doesn't agree with Daniel's rule. I guess it'll be like this when you have two boys then. I can see Duncan is a follower and he looks up to Daniel which is sweet.

26 May 2011

Joan is good with Síne. Hide & seek is totally new to Síne and she has fun with Joan this afternoon.

This baby gym is more like jungle thing and Síne likes the music, but she is kind of freak out when we put her in it. So, it'll take a while. Now, boys are having fun in this baby gym, especially Duncan. Hopefully Síne can pick up from Duncan then. Daniel really looks after Síne, minds her teething thing all the time and makes sure it's whipped before hanging back to her.