20 June 2011

Síne grows 2 tiny tooth! She has been cranky for weeks and she was happy when we gave her the cool teether. We are kind of expecting but we don't think it'll come so early. My mom keeps saying my first two tooth pop out when I was 4 months old. Síne doesn't drool much and her cranky I though it was normal, part of growing. Not only her tooth, her hands and feet are getting bigger. I miss holding her hand and feet, so tiny in my hand. She grows so fast. Although I keep complaining her weight and high (4 month, 64 cm, 6.4 kg, right in the middle of average), but she does grow fast and I miss her (when I met her first time) already. Her two tiny little tooth are the best Father's day present ever. She is 5 months and 2 weeks old now. Good job, that's my girl.


dav0 said...

Don't worry. She'll be eating steak in a couple of weeks.

VL said...

I though you will give her the steak & kidney pie first.