27 May 2011

Síne makes Grandparents have a better day by seeing her in the morning. Dad will come to our room as soon as he hears Síne and he will take her down stair and talk to her for a while. I can see it as routine.
Since we are down to KHH and it's so hot, so I am going to try to free Síne from nappy. It works, just I have to learn how to count her frequency. I can't do it in TPE, not only there has less sunshine and also DC won't let me do it.
Daniel likes to take everybody to join him for the game (the real estate game, but in his rule). Duncan really likes to play part of it, but doesn't agree with Daniel's rule. I guess it'll be like this when you have two boys then. I can see Duncan is a follower and he looks up to Daniel which is sweet.

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