20 June 2011

It's Síne's first time to gallery and she gonna see the master piece - Picasso. We come with a friend who has a 4 months old baby boy, yes, we met on the same group on facebook. We are the first time to visit the Museum of History and the facilities are new, but the nursery room is so simple and it's shared with stuff rest room. TPE city wants to be an international city, but there are so many things need to be done. Also, part of culture background will be difficult. Most of time I don't like to do breastfeeding in public, so I have to find a nursery room nearby while we go out. Síne likes the Museum and she keeps quiet, opens her eyes and stares at those paintings. I wonder how much she can pick up but it's a nice trial. I am going to try few more times, taking her to gallery and perhaps other activities. Many of Museum staffs say Síne is the youngest visitor they have ever seen and we look forward to see how much she receives.

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