18 June 2011

It's 99's first lunch date with 35 babies. I join this group which is a bunch of new mother who has their baby who was born in Jan to Mar 2011. We all face the same problem, the same issue, the same process. In this group, we back up each other and give the spirit support. We can talk after pumping at night, before head back to bed, we can share information, not only for baby, but also for us. Many of us are small family, just three of us; there are a lot of things need to get used to. For example: most of mommy haven't sleep thru the night, just some of them who are on formula milk. We are trying, but not success yet. While this lunch date goes on, we can meet each other in person and talk more about babies. Most of them say Síne look bigger in photo and they adore her, most of mommy... Síne is not the only mix kid in the group, but she is most adorable kid in the group.

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