15 March 2011

As we guess, Duncan cried when we skyped KHH. It's Duncan's first time to be away from Joan. Of course, he would cry when he saw Joan. But it was so fanny when I claim Duncan made Síne cried and he gonna take the responsibility to stop her crying before we all went to bed. And he did, he calm her down and he was so proud of it. I can't image if I can let Síne sleep over one day or go to KHH by herself. Although I love kids, from Daniel to Nio-Nio, I love them all. But, I feel different when Síne comes alone. I am afraid to hold her too tight or too loose. She has more response now, so I try many things or make many different sounds to see her reaction. DC keeps saying she is smart, but I rather she'll keep it to herself. I only pray for her health, I couldn't ask for more.
Back to Duncan, after the skype, the first thing in the next morning was "Grandma, don't call Grandda. I am not going home yet. I want to live in Taipei." My mom asked when he want to go home then. Duncan answered that by the time he is 60; and then 20 after negotiation. That's kid, as long as there is toy or mate, they forget things.

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