17 March 2011

Happy St-Patrick's day! It's my first drink in a year and it's a pint of Guinness. Yummy, and it's so cold... Well, DC finish my pint coz I have little Miss to take care of. It turns out she likes Carnegies. All the waitress are crazy about her. Some people think she was a doll until she opens her eyes. 99 enjoys the music, they put many Irish folk songs, well, even for IRA songs. Da, they do have your songs too. I had lamb stew and DC, of course, steak and kidney pie with mash. My goodness, it's a great night out. Cynthia said it's a good night out coz of many men were there. It's better than Wednesday. After we left, of course, Cynthia would need to go for the next one - Brass Monkey. It's St-Paddy's night, gonna do some drinking.
Happy St-Paddy's day! Wish you all good health and luck.

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