10 January 2011

We move into the Postpartum nursing center today, actually, it's on the same floor, on the other side of nurse station. It's an independent department with their own medical team. The facility in the room is much better than in the ward. OMG, it's like in the hotel room and we even get a nice river view. The main reason we choose to stay here for 10 days after discharge from hospital is we need time to reschedule our timetable and we are afraid we can't handle 99 well. I meant she is on her own timetable and we are not familiar to her. DC keeps saying we can figure out what kind of cry for certain demand. But be honest, I have no idea so far. Every time she cries, I start from diaper, feed her, comfort her and then lay down with her; I try every of them one after one. And I really like the team to support me and give me advices on how to deal with baby. At least, they have more experiences than me, plus they are pro.
The toilet is important to me and they use this warm seat which is cool. It even has the wash pipe (front and back) which is useful and hygienic. And it also has warm wind to dry. I don't think I can use the shower room, perhaps 1~2 days before I go home. During 30-lay-in-day, I can't touch cold water, therefore, no shower and no wash hair. Even if I want to wash my hair, I only can use boiled water with rice liquor. But for my own good, I think I'll go for 30-day no wash my hair then. Perhaps I can end up my period pain once for all.
In the room, the nursing center provides many things to help mommy breastfeeding, milk bottles, towels, hot water container, electronic anion sterilizer & dryer, milk pumper...etc. equipment. It's handy for a new mommy and the nurse makes sure you know how to use them and comfortable. There are 4 formula milk brands in nursery room if I want to request, but I turn it down. I want to try my best on breastfeeding, my another gift to 99.
In the nursing center, they provide 2 set pajama per day. There are cleaning lady will clean the floor and toilet every morning and change the pajama and bring us the black bean water (help breastfeeding) and newspaper. I can even call the beauty salon to do facial in the room.

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