9 January 2011

Hey everybody, sorry to keep you waiting. Here we present you our daughter - 99. She is born on 6th Jan and she weights 3748 g, 52.5 cm. Can't really see her eyes colour yet, not mine, not DC, we wait for the time settle then. I had C-Session, so I need more time to recover. Here I have DC and my mom to take care me. We found this food company to delivery 30 days meal for my first month. I'll post the photo later, it's special meal, for new mommy; no seasoning, just boiling and steaming food.
Since 99 is born, we received all the greeting from the world. Thank you so much. Sorry for late reply again. I'll try to catch up update blog between 99's schedule and my meal & beauty sleep time. My lay-in day starts and it's going well. Many thanks to DC and my mom, they really take good care of me, so touch.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news and beautiful girl~ Very glad you are doing well... Enjoy your rest~

Singing ;-)

VL said...

Thanks, singing.