10 January 2011

Finally, DC doesn't need to stay in that small cold hard sofa in the ward. The nursing center provides double bed (the only problem is too soft, difficult for me to get out of bed without using my tummy muscle), so all three of us can stay in the same bed. Kidding, 99 still has her own bed in the trolley. They even provide a safe in the closet (same in the hospital ward). See the view? I really love it, but it depends on the sun will come up during our stay. I heard there is a cold front coming, let's hope it won't get too cold. I don't want to see my mom or DC catch cold, not this month. Since we move in this nursing center, we are on 3-day isolation, so 99 stays with us. If she goes to nursery room, she'll be in a small room by herself. And no visitor for 99 for 3 days.
About the service, not only some cleaning ladies will help out clean up the room and toilet, take away the dirty laundry, but also twice visit by nurse per day (to check my uterus and some lessons on breastfeeding and how to take care myself). For 99, the nursery room nurse will check on 99 every hour, record down the feeding time / poo colour / pee time, for 3 days. I meant every single hour, wow, that's really good. So whenever I have question, she can answer me right the way.

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