12 January 2011

Alright, after 99 is born, it's time for me to start 30-day lay-in with special meals. No salt, no soy sauce, just original food taste with chinese herbs in different weeks. Because of C-session, I can't have any food on the day. It starts from the next day. It's 3 meals (rice/veggie/soup each) plus 2 desserts and 10 packs of herb drink. Each paper box is one day portion and it's made by center kitchen and cool down to 5 degrees to delivery. The guy deliveries the box every 5 AM, coz we are near their center kitchen.
The food is prepared by 紫金堂 and it's consulted by 全昌堂 (my Chinese doctor). Dr. Shu checks on me before surgery in her clinic and then send the supervisor to see me in hospital and then she calls me and asks me question to adjust the herbs or the food on the 4th day. It's not cheap, but, there is a saying:"30-day lay-in is a rare chance to re-organize your health.". I gonna take this chance and see if I can say good-bye to period pain once for all. Later on, the supervisor will check on me again on the 14th day to put me on girdle. I don't know if I am ready to see her yet, she really gives me a hard lesson on breastfeeding. I thought I will get bruise but it turns out I am fine and I am becoming a milk cow.... For the first time, I am able to give 90 cc. OMG!

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