13 January 2011

99 is a week old now, Dave is still working on her name. I know he gets 3 names, so far. It'll be out soon, let's wait and see then. Now, what's up with 99 then? She was born a week ago, 3748 g, 52.5 cm. This week, her weight was down and up again, the lowest one went down to 3384 g, that's the reason why the nurse put 99 on 40 cc formula milk once. But lucky us, on the same day, I started to produce milk and surprise, it's more than 99 can drink. So, I just need to get it out and keep them in fridge. Since we move to nursing center, 99's weight keeps growing 30+ g per day, she even puts on 68 g on the 2nd day. That meant we co-operate well, let's hope it'll continue. Also it's more comfortable to stay in nursing center with queen size bed, so three of us can fit in together. The only problem is I don't like the soft bed, it makes me more difficult to get off bed, so painful... Back to 99. When we were in hospital, 99 was easy to effect by the other baby, but now, she is the only one in the room. She sleeps more regularly, 3 hours in day time and 2 hours (improving to 3 hours) at night time. Also, she is drinking more, so she starts to sleep more. She was sleeping 4 hours yesterday after a big meal. But it only happens once. Last night, she makes a record but easy for us to understand how big is her appetite. We got a visitor - Ting from FRA and recording to nursing center's rule, 99 had to stay in nursery room and visitor can see her thru the window. So, 99 was in the nursery room for her meal then, nurse feed her 60 cc first and then she wanted more, another 40 cc to go down (all from mine). After Ting was gone, 99 was back to our room. She wanted more, I though she was looking for body touch for comfort, but turn out, she was hungry. OMG, she drunk so much, I was kind of worry she might drink too much. DC even said 99 might need to be on diet when she is older. How can a baby drink so much? The tiny stomach can keep so much milk in? Really wondering.
About me, before the surgery, I was 93.7 kg; after surgery, I was 86.8 kg. I am 80 kg today. The special meal is really working well, it makes me pee a lot and the soup keeps me hot from inside out... I am sweating big time... Now, I need to wait for another 7 days to put on girdle for a month. I will work hard on that girdle. I don't want to buy bigger pants, too much trouble.

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