13 December 2010

It's a special day coz we have photo shooting today, especially for my bump. It's a life time experience, gonna do it now. Who knows? I might only have this child in this life time. I gonna take a nice photo and remember this 9-month what I have been thru. It's my 35 weeks and my bump is hugh, even my belly bottom pops out. Well, I think my belly bottom doesn't look good, but this is how I look like. The photo shooting takes longer than we thought, 5 hours. You can image Dave's face and mood, he doesn't have breakfast. Therefore, after long hour photo shooting, I take him to this small breakfast restaurant - Tiffany breakfast. It's located in downtown, in a small alley. It takes us a while to find it. The decoration is kind of formal, so we are not really comfortable to sit in, but whatever, we are here for breakfast, even at 4 PM. I am surprised they do have fresh orange juice and the food portion is good. I have the ham sandwich, but they should use stronger taste Mustard. Dave doesn't complain the breakfast, so I think it's good to him. But we are hungry enough to have crepe, that's the main reason I want to come here. Girls always go for dessert. This is a perfect meal. We like it.

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