14 December 2010

Happy Birthday to my dear husband ~ DC! You look good, my darling. We couldn't fly home for DC's birthday, but we do have a good party arranged in TPE. We celebrate DC's birthday in stir-fried seafood restaurant. Guys bring the bottles and cake. Friends keep coming and have a drink with DC. I can't believe we are going to be parents soon. Most of our male friends get married and become parents, and we are the next. Our girlfriends, mmm, they are still single and available. But, I will keep an eye for them coz they are too good, their boyfriends gonna be in high standard. Anyway, back to where we are. We do have a great time, like we usually do when we are together again. Who knows when the next time will be. Eva (Daniel's wife) is 4 weeks behind me, so I guess we will come out after 30-lay-in-day.

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