12 December 2010

My bump is getting bigger and bigger day by day. DC's daily job is oil-massage my bump and talk to 99. It's sweet, 99 responds to DC. My next clinic visit is on 20th and I think Dr. Wu will not happy to see my weight. OMG, I do try to control my appetite and the amount. Now, I am scared to stand on the scales. The past 8 months, I took 5~7 meals a day, my growing weight was on 99 and fluid. It was great. Now, I notice, my weight grows faster then usual and I found some fat on my back.... oh no, that'll be so difficult to take them down. I heard from friends and families that I shouldn't think about on diet if I want to go on breastfeeding, at least for a year. Well, I guess that's the mother's duty call. But it doesn't mean I will let this fat go on. I don't want to buy new "bigger" clothes or shoes...
These days, my sleep quality is getting worse. 99 is getting bigger, so I wake up every 2 hours, no more 2.5 hours (tears). And sometimes, if 99 kicks at night, wakes me up and I can't run to toilet on time coz of my heavy weight and 99 won't change her position. Strange, sometimes, when I change position in bed or try to get out of bed, 99 won't move at all, I meant it, she won't switch or move at all. So, I can see my bump is on one side and the other side is small and not so round about. Sometimes, I have to hold my bump to toilet or to living room. It'll take her a while to relax and back to where she should be. I am afraid 99 will be stubborn. DC said I think too much, but I am afraid... It's so annoying to be scared of everything.

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