16 December 2010

After Monday's studio photo shooting, we should go to pick the photo yesterday. But my bump really bothers me now. It's kind of hard and difficult for me to move around. Also, I was so tired, out of no reason. However, I sleep a day off. For the first time after 5 months bad quality sleep, I was able to sleep thru 4 hours. See how tired I was. Well, I had to wake up every 4 hours to pee and eat something and then felt asleep again. 99 co-operated well too. But I still think it was her having hiccup after meal, still goes on for half an hour.
However, we go to see the photo selection today. Wow, the photo comes out well, 200+ photo and we need to cut down to 12. It is a hard work, but we manage it coz I don't want to spend more money on this album. It's a memory and 12 photo is just fine to me. We pick most of photo with 3 of us, and couple of me and 99 solo. My bump looks great. Let's wait and see how the album turns out in a month then. It should be ready on 16th Jan. Da and Mags, you will have one of the album, so just wait and see then.
After hard working, it seen today will be my last trip in TPE downtown. So we come to this beef noodle restaurant ~ 麻膳堂. I have been tried to come here few times, but always back off by the long queue (about an hour). The owner is used to drive 1~2 hours to eat homemade cooking when he studied aboard, same as us. Remind me we drove 5 hours to AMS and turn out the KFC AMS wasn't the same as KFC TW, so disappointed. Beef noodle is kind of signature of TW gourmet. The spicy hot pot is part of it too. He combines both together, so this beef noodle is using beef slices and spicy broth, with duck blood pudding, Tofu and bean sprouts. Oh, the noodle is thin one, so it can suck up more soup. The soup is not that spicy, but you can feel numb on tongue. It's not heavy for stomach, but the little flower, will be the story for tomorrow then. I don't think it'll do more damage than spicy hot pot. We would like to come back to this restaurant with 99 next year. I think, we won't be able to get into downtown for couple months from now on. I am ready to stay in and wait for 99's sign.
And yes, it is cold in TPE. It goes down to 9 degrees with shower. It's more than Irish weather. My raincoat got wet, that's why we have to come out with heavy equipment. Lucky me, I can have this jacket to cover my bump, but you know what? After the meal, I can't.

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