17 December 2010

Today is 30-day countdown. Wow, we don't think this day will come so fast. We stay in and clean out the apartment and go thru the baby shopping list to make sure we don't miss a thing. It's 9 degrees out with sunshine, but the air is cold. We haven't start to use heater yet, but it's warm enough to close all the windows. Wow, you know what? I haven't see my belly bottom for a long time, it turns out not bad looking.
From now on, we can do some local grocery shopping and hospital visit. Actually, we are going to have hospital visit tomorrow, a parents-to-be class with tour in hospital. Really look forward to it. For the time being, I am going to start with West Wing for this weekend. This cold weather reminds me the cold Christmas in Lucan. OMG, few years back, I never image where we are now and with 99. I am so lucky. This pregnancy is the most pleasure gift from God and I am so lucky to go thru it so well. No problem in blood pressure, blood sugar, urine protein, only small problem in fluid. 99 grows well and in good size, let's hope she will continue until she is born or turns into 1. We are well prepared for sleepless nights and 99 will turn our world upside down. 99 is the gift and we'll do our best to keep her with us.

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