23 December 2010

14 days to go! Somehow I am up to clean up the house, well, I start with bedroom. Recording to the weather bureau, we are going to have cold and wet Christmas. I gonna use this sunshine and warm weather well, do more laundry on the bed sheets and covers. Also get the heavy coat out for ready, in case. I stay in for 4 days and I am so bored. I get short of breath easily now, plus heartburn from days to nights. 99 is more active and my bump is still growing... The good news today is I managed to cut down 1 kg, I think it was the red bean soup helped me to loose fluid. I am going to try to get corn next, I heard it's good to loose fluid too. Wanna get a trial. The numb feeling is still on my fingers and legs, I don't think loosing fluid will help, Dr. said it'll go away after labour. I really look forward to sleep thru the night without running to toilet every 2 hours and hang carrying my huge bump. It's true when Dave called me hippo, I can't move fast enough...
This afternoon, I get a surprise phone call from my Dad. My Dad doesn't call us and check on us at all, he only calls when he needs us to help or something important. Out of no where, he calls me and asks why I didn't pick up in the first time when he calls. I ask him if he is looking for my mom. Dad says no and he doesn't call to check on me neither. I quit asking him question, there is no answer. But he starts to question my meals, my weight and how is 99 these days. It's so sweet and he won't admit he call to check on me. I remember when I went to clinic surgery in 2007, when my Dad came home and found out I had surgery, he got so pissed off. He didn't know what's going on with me and why I took the surgery. But later, he got it from my Mom and he went out to buy beef and fish, a lot of them. That's his way to show his love. He won't talk about it, but he shows on his own way. The phone call is short, but it's full of love. That's my Dad.

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