24 December 2010

It's Christmas eve and I can't stay at home any longer. I need to go out and take a walk. There is another exhibition for kids and mother-to-be in TWTC III, so that's my place to go and I can meet my friends. I do manage some last minute shopping - the inside bag for baby stuff and some free gifts from the Mommybaby magazine.
Mia has afternoon class and she needs to go to church for service tonight, so we are baby sitting until Chris comes. It's Christmas eve and the traffic is bad. So we just go to the Chinese restaurant near Church. The chef used to work in 鼎泰豐(Din-Tai-Fung) and the dumpling is delicious. I'd like to come back another time when I can have salty taste. My taste comes and goes, can't taste salt since 6-month. Well, 13 days to go~ plus another 30 days, I will be able to eat whatever I want, well, most of what I want. Add oil!
Merry Christmas to everyone~

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