8 November 2010

Ok, I didn't pass the blood sugar test in the first time. I was 182 and the limit was 140. Not much, but Dr. Wu puts me on 100 g glucose test for 3-hour. So, poor me, get 1 tube after 8-hour starving, and 3 more tubes after I take the 100g glucose, one tube per hour... Actually, the girl was good, the first time, I can't feel anything, but later on, get worse, I can feel it every second. By the time, in my last tube, I was so hungry and she kept saying: "you can eat soon, sorry to take it so long." God bless her. I guess she can feel my nervous. Well, I didn't cry, just tears in my eyes. Dave is so sure I can pass this time, not only many people fail the first test, but also, I fall asleep after 2nd tubes.

I am on the 30th week, so we go to visit Dr. Wu's clinic every 2 weeks now. 99 is 1660 g (Dr. Wu though she was 31st week now) and she is pretty active and we are so pleased to hear this. Dr. Wu takes a close look at 99 and her organs are all there, work well. Hey, my fluid is back on minimum, I pass again, but I still need to work harder to get more fluid, so 99 can have space to move around. Her head is down, Dr. Wu says that's a good sign.
God bless!

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Margaret said...

when dave is in the lift he looks very slim - but when he is at the machine - he looks like he is carrying 99!