7 November 2010

See my new hair style? Is it short enough? No, I want it shorter, but Paggy won't let me. She believes Dave will be in shock and she is right. Dave needs some time to get used to it. Well, my grey hair is bothering me a lot, so, make it short might make me feel better. Look at me, I am getting huge, my bump is really get into my way. 2 more months to go, can't image how big I will be.
This Cantonese restaurant is Dave's favourite in Danshui, normally, I take the lunch box for Dave. Didn't know they serve noodle too. First time to try their sit-in and different dishes. So tasty, but so salty, coz my hands and feet are swallowing afterward. We love their baked duck and roasted baby pork, so yummy!
Chris is going to States for 4-day training, so my mom will be back to kids soon for a week. That's what Grandma for. Soon, will be our turn. I start to wonder we might have different view on how to train 99.


Anonymous said...

Wow your mum looks great - love your new hairstyles ;-)

VL said...

Thanks. It saves me time to take care of it. Need more time to look after 99 and get some sleep.