8 October 2010

Today, I start to final countdown 100 days. Baby girl is due on 16 Jan, 2011. It's been 180 days, she grow inside me. It's very emotional to see my bump getting bigger everyday. Feel her movement is kind of blessing, I love it. When Dave massages my bump, baby girl will have kind of respond, it's very sweet. I am so lucky, not too much trouble during pregnancy and with so many ppl's blessing. Of course, Dave is one step beside me all the time, thank you honey. 100 days to see our baby girl. Now, we gonna work hard on her name. It's Dave's job. So, if you have any suggestion, go to Dave please. Thank you.
There is an expo about motherhood and baby, so Mia and I pay a visit. Due to Doc's warning, I start to do my shopping for hospital first. Mia and some friends will give me most of the things I need for hospital, so not that much to buy. In this expo, I do get so many free gifts for baby and magazine (strange, from HKG, Sep 2009). Mia doesn't bring Joshua coz we are afraid he will lost control when he sees all those toys in expo. Mia's baby girl cooperates well while we do our shopping, we are so grateful. Her tooth are popping out and her appetite is getting bigger week by week. Actually, my major work today is food tasting. Remember I keep saying there is a special diet for new mother? The first month after labour is very important for the new mother. Because her body lost so much blood and organs were push up, so this month, it's very important to get organs back to where they are and make up for the lost during labour. There are so many companies working on these diet and do home delivery, but there is only one I will try which is from Mia's recommendation. This company is run by a Chinese doctor, Dr. Hsu, who I was on her clinic before we move to new apartment. I went to her to make me healthier, try to get rid of all those infertility drugs. This baby girl comes from no where, without any drug help, without any magic pill, only by God's will and all the blessing we get from families and friends. But somehow, I do believe Dr. Hsu's medicine make my body better to receive. So, my first month diet will be prepared by her company and she'll keep an eye on my condition and do some fine tune on my diet. Well, the food is tasty, even without salt, water and other seasoning. All the food will be prepared with rice wine. I'll have fully report on my very first month being a new mother, from A to Z.
I heard a good news and a bad news today. The good news is Mags gets a month fully time job, I am so happy for you, Mags. Enjoy it! I hope there will be more coming, we need to keep Mags busy.
The bad news is my cousin, they have been trying for baby, more longer than us. The last tube failed. Cousin-in-law has been on drugs for 2 months, I didn't go that far, but I can understand how she felt. Be honest, I don't know what to say to her, I wish I can share the luck with her. The last 5 years, we were in the same cycle, up and down. And then we search for medical help and then even more up and down. The pressure from outside is nothing, but our own pressure is heavier than anything else. Before baby girl comes alone, I was so depressed and so nearly to give up and admit I can't have a baby. But, baby girl is on her way now, I am so happy and this might be the one time experience, so I am going to grab the opportunity and make an official photo shot while we are 2.5 in this small Coffey family. I book the studio and wait for my bump getting bigger in 2 months. We'll make some photo and then share with everyone, ok? Just wait!

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