11 October 2010

Happy Birthday to Cynthia and Taiwan!!!
It's a big day and we gonna celebrate it with Grandma's kitchen. Haven't been there for a while, we were there when I was on my 3rd month, couldn't finish my plate. But this time, I do finish my plate and Dave's tomato and onion; most amazing part is we finish on the same time. See how hungry I am. Before we head out, I had 2 breakfasts already, but small portion. Now, I can't eat one full portion in once, gonna divide it into 2 and 2-hour apart. The heartburn situation is under control now, but sometimes, it still exists, very annoying.
This Crocs shop is in opposite to the 2nd hand book store we go to. Ian, we find your Christmas present... But I don't think they have your size, but we'll try. Do you like it? Dave is working hard on baby girl's name. But before that, we think it's better come out a nickname first. This morning, out of no where, Dave is thinking about 99, coz TW is in its 99th year now. "99" in Chinese, pronounces like "jo-jo". If baby girl is 99, what'll be the next one called? 100? 101?

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