6 October 2010

It's been a while to see Cynthia since she becomes DOS. We just make it to have dinner with her while she is in Chipai. Thai is her favourite and we come to her favourite restaurant. Speaking about Thailand, she is going to BKK for holiday by Dec. So envy..... DOS is the dream job and she makes it after 10 years which is great. She is the most experienced and fine control salesperson in TPE. I am very proud to say I know her well and we had great time to work together when we were so young... She is my little sis. Happy Birthday to my little sis, Cynthia.
Alright, even in this dress, my bump looks small. But it does grow bigger everyday. I have to put on oil to make my skin smooth, it's so tide... Ppl said the bump will look smaller in the first pregnancy.

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