31 October 2010

Mia has class in the afternoon, so Chris brings kids over. There is nothing to compare Mom's homemade cooking. While I prepare the dinner, mom wash these 2 little one. It's their first time to have bath in that tiny little container. Yes, that'll be the way we wash 99 too. hahaha, it'll be fun.


Anonymous said...

This is just like photos I have of the kids having their first bath in the kitchen sink!! Of course for 99 I will have a special baby bath!!

VL said...

I'd like to take 99 in our kitchen sink too, but i don't think my mom will let me do it. Mia is going to give us her bath tub. Mags, you gonna remember, you will give 99 a bath while she is around 1 yr old, will be handful.