3 November 2010

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to mother-to-be, Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!
It starts with Breakfast-in-bed. Unbelievable, after a day food poisoning and one day to recover slowly, I am back on food ~ very slowly. I lost 3 kg in a day, now, I gonna plan carefully how to put it back avoiding Dr. Wu's nagging. I had 2 days with a lot of warning from friends and families. But Dave and I think we did the right thing without going to hospital, risky to get something else, but stay at home and maintain water amount. However, I am back and 99 is ok. Thank to Dave's intensive care, he looks after us well.
My mom buys me a Cantonese lunch, light one, so I am very pleased. We take Joshua walking around the department store and wait for Mia finishes her class. Cynthia and Dave plan for tonight (I should see this coming) but they hide it well. Dave buys me a nice dinner in Carnegies, but I only can have salad and soup and Dave has steak & Kidney pie. I can't even touch his pie, still a bit afraid of meat. While we enjoy the music, Carnegies team comes alone and sing the song so loud. I am so touch. They are so sweet, come together and sing the song for me. I owe Cynthia a big Thanks, she orders this strawberry cake and make sure the chef uses unsweet whipped cream and all strawberry in same big size. Thanks, little sis, love you.
Many thanks to all my friends and families for those sweet birthday wishes. I have a great day and my special gift will arrive in 70 days. She also has a great day, enjoying all the good food and the nice music (Carnegies puts a lot of Latino music).

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