30 October 2010

Finally Tin is back and we get Alvin this time too. Looks like the marriage life is good for Alvin, at least, he shows up on time, even 30 mins later. But his wife is on business trip in JP, so he comes alone. Daniel comes alone too. Tin's girlfriend is still in Taichung, so Tin comes alone. Since he signed for 3-year contract to CN, so he has to postpone his plan. I hope he can settle down soon. And, our dear Amanda, of course, still stands single. Anyone can introduce her a boyfriend?
We have a great night out, this BBQ is all-you-can-eat for 90 mins. It's not only the BBQ, but also a hot pot too. We forecast on meat. I feel so sorry to the owner, we eat too much. 99 really likes this feast, happy dancing all the way home.

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