3 October 2010

Chris is in a good form and Mia has new haircut. I too her to Paggy and she did it three times to get this, brave enough. I was thinking but I chicken out. After all, it's nearly the Autumn and the winter is not far away... plus I have a long neck... Anyway, I will stay in from Dec to Feb, I think my hair style will be the last thing on my list. Chris's daughter is getting bigger and she gets 2 tooth out already, 7 months old. She really likes to try new stuff everyday. Today, we let her try the cheese, she really likes brie, like me. Oh, Dave keeps warming me about the brie. I just take a tiny little bit, even baby girl takes more than I do. And the blue cheese, OMG, I love it so much, but we run out of bread so fast. Dave really enjoys the cold meat. The wine goes with the meat, but the portion is so small. It's Argentina red, surprise, tastes nice. But they charge a bottle for 1100 NTD, around 26 Euro, no thank you. It's good, but not that good enough.

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