1 October 2010

It's been a long day and we need to get some grocery shopping, so we come to Jason's market. Before the shopping, we should get some nice lunch... ha, find this curry house on 12th floor and it's really nice, even in off peak hour. It's in department store, so it opens still. We are the only customer and there is only one waitress and a chef. Well, it's a JP department store, so the service is on high expectation, and it is. I order a beef curry with omelet rice and Dave gets deep fried pork chop with curry. Believe it or not, the soup is hot and the salad is fresh, even Dave eats it. When the curry comes, OMG, it's beautiful, hot hot hot (in temperature)!!! Well, it turns out Dave's curry is not that spicy as he expects, but we know how much we can go farer next time. It's 250 NTD, around 6 Euro, not bad for a meal, isn't it? Believe it or not, I finish my plate, totally. If I can get some slices of bread, I might clean up the plate and the chef doesn't need to bother to wash it again...
I start to get swallowing on my hands and feet. It's time to cut down my salt, but I wonder it help this way?!? Anyway, now, I can't walk that much as before, but I have to keep it up. Can you believe even Dave can walk faster than me or last longer than me? It is now. After shopping in Jason's market, I am so dying to find a spot to sit down, take off some pressure on my legs. Baby girl is asleep most of time while we do our grocery shopping, but she wakes up while we take the MRT home. And Dave is jumping up and down when he finds this good deal in the wine seller, 3 bottles red for 799 NTD, around 19 Euro. You should see his smiling face... hahaha.

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