3 October 2010

Chris and Mia take us to this new place they find, wow, never think we can have the cold meat plate in Taipei. Well, I really enjoy the cheese plate and cold meat in the Sunday afternoon. But I am more hungry than I thought, so I still have spaghetti to go with, actually, it's full course, with salad and seafood soup.
See my bump popping out big time now? It's getting bigger everyday. I have to massage my bump, well, it is Dave's job now. Baby girl enjoys his massage more and I don't need to move my hands. hahaha. Mia gives me the massage oil for relaxing my skin and some aroma for baby girl and me. It's pretty handy. Now, I just hope this bump won't get too much bigger and leave me anything behind. It's 6 months now, 3 more months to go!

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