12 October 2010

It's my first time to attend the mother-to-be's class. It's organized by the W group. The other mother-to-be are so young and skinny and their bump is bigger than mine, even they are on 5th ~ 6th month. Most of us are the first time pregnancy, so the class is kind of quiet coz we know nothing about what to do on the first month after labour - a 30-day lying in period. Yes, I am going to have 30-day lying in with special diet (old ginger/ rice wine/ low-temperature baking sesame oil, food will be prepared with Chinese medicine each week in different stages, basically no salt or seasoning), no water (the water gonna cook with rice wine with 50-50 ratio) and exercises (I'll need to be tided up with 2 long gauzes around my pelvic for 6-month). I know it sounds oddly to you all, but that's how we work for thousands years.

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