7 September 2010

Sorry, Sophie, this sushi express is near Dave's bookstore, it's so hot out there, we just pop in for snack. This Sushi express is like the one on your album, 2 Nigiri-sushi on a dish, we take 11 dishes, for 330 NTD (around 6.50 Sterling). We are so happy with this service, the quality and the price. After all, it's just a snack between meals. yummy...
After a cool snack, of course, we gonna get something cold. Well, normally, we don't go for non-fat, but this yogurt tastes nice and it charges by weight. So, this is my dessert ~ chocolate, berries and orange yogurt.
After 3 bookstores, it's time for small snack again. I find this TW Burrito, just perfect for snack. It's lots of veggie and egg and pork sliced. It should served in cold, but it's kind of warm coz of pork sliced. Well, never mind, but I still prefer the one in the local market, the traditional way.
Sometimes, baby girl does annoy me somehow. She starts to punch my bladder and make me feel like to go to loo or not. But I have been to loo already... Sometimes, she is like having hiccup, regular pumping for 5 mins, amazing. I start to take the Calcium drink from Costco, but, I still get leg cramps during sleep couple times, but less stress afterward. We'll see if this works. I still need to wake up once at night for pee, kind of annoying, but I guess there is nothing else I can do.

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