6 September 2010

My new hair style. Well, Paggy (my hair dresser) has told her assistant that I won't have massage (on head or shoulder) until next Feb. So, not much to say, but she is still good at hair cut. My gray hair is all out there, I like it short coz the weather is too hot. But Paggy warms me that I shouldn't do hair cut on the 3rd trimester. so, I guess, I will pay her another visit next month and then wait for next year then.
I went to another hair salon for manicure and pedicure. The bump is getting on my way and I have difficult to put socks on too. Dave won't help me, so I gonna do it on my own... But good thing is, I can get help to do manicure and pedicure, once a month, that's better. But I wonder if I can come out on 3rd trimester?

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