8 September 2010

It's EHL Alumi night out, in Zega Zaga - Brazil BBQ... Yummy, from beef, pork, chicken to lamp; from steak, chop to sausage, from water to white/red wine; from starter to dessert. Well, be honest, we are a bit disappointed on the quality of meat (compare to the cost @1300+10% per person, included wine) But, I do like the Prime Rib Eye steak, yummy; and the lamp chop, yum yum yum. The only complain I will do is the sauce, the restaurant offers 4 sauces (mustard / salsa / chili / ground peanut) which is not our cup of tea. Where is the bloody gravy???
EHL Alumi is growing, we met couple new girls who works in W Taipei. We got some good news this time ~ Jennifer is getting married on 17th Dec and we are expecting a baby girl on 16th Jan. And another good news I want to share with you is about Cynthia, finally, she is official Director of Sales from now on. OMG, I am so happy for her and I promise she will have my Versace earrings when she makes it as DOS. Now, I have to seek for them... when and where I saw them last time?!?!?! HELP!!! She'll kill me....
During dessert time, the live band starts performance. They are good and we start to talk about Brown sugar. It's been a long time we haven't been to Brown Sugar (after we got married). I really like Salsa... can't dance now, my feet hurt....and baby girl will dance in my belly, it won't be fun. After dinner, the night is young, we take a walk back to MRT station. 101 looks so great and it's the first night of Semicom and TPE is so quiet... Nice breeze and we walk by TPE city hall. 3 floors light are on, someone forgot to turn off the light or they are busy to get over time? Flower expo is getting the heat and I don't care coz it's a dog eat dog place. I only care about how we can express our anger on disappointed on the current law regarding minor sexual assault / rape case. We are going on street and make a point!

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