4 September 2010

Alright, today is not a good day, well, it doesn't start in a good way. Baby girl woke me up badly, she was moving around. I try to catch my breath. It is a sunny morning, I can't decide to do laundry or what yet. Then, something is wrong when I go to loo. Dave asks me to lie down and keep an eye on baby girl's movement. Meanwhile, she is so quiet, make me worry a bit. 15 mins later, I do double check in loo, yes, I do have a bit colourful secretion. Dave wants to go to ER, but I want to go to clinic coz there is an afternoon clinic. Plus my Doctor is not there anyway, at least, the hospital has all my record. Dave says it could be nothing (99%), but we gonna play safe. So, we run to hospital (even call the cap, the shuttle bus is leaving in 20 mins, but Dave won't wait), rush the nurse (she still wants me to finish the BP and urine test), wait for my chart arrive, put 10 questions straight to Doc. Oh, this Doc is younger and his English is quiet good. It turns out, I have a bleeding polyp and it will keep trouble me for a while. Baby girl is fine. We are going to leave this until next visit to Doc. Wu and discuss with him. But be honest, I rather not to do anything, like my myomas, just leave it until CS, Doc Wu can clean them all out in one go.
After a stressful morning, Mos burger is my reward. It's nice to have a rice burger during hot summer, I really enjoy this one. Tonight, Dave cooks his special dish - Fish fingers and chips. Well, it doesn't taste like Burducks but it's my Dave's love.

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