22 September 2010

It's been a while to go to Carnegies. Not only it's an hour on MRT, plus change train twice; but also, Cynthia and Dave have been busy. Finally, we can go out for dinner and enjoy the night together. Well, I can't have the drink, only the ice tea... We are celebrating Cynthia's promotion. But, it turns out, the owner signed the promotion but hasn't announce it yet. mmm, he is so annoying. Cynthia is the most senior, experienced hotel sales I have worked with and she has been handled so many events. She should be promoted years ago, but she has been chicken out, and the owner doesn't like to promote a girl to that position. OMG, I really don't like this happen on my friend. For God's sake, it's an international brand hotel. Anyway, the paper is signed in the begin of Sep, the announcement should be published soon. Tonight, we raise our glass for Cynthia's new position, new title, same job as usual...
Finally, I can put on this clothes, could be the last time before my bump gets bigger. These days, my bump starts to get into my way, during cleaning, during cooking and I find one positive of my bump is to rest something on it. Something like put remove control on it, or cookies, or something small. hahaha. Now, I start to understand some mommies said they can't see their toes for months, I think I will be one of them soon.

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