23 September 2010

Happy Full Moon Festival! It's Chris' birthday tomorrow, so we take him out for dinner ~ Mongolian BBQ!!! Ha, I heard he was waiting for this dinner whole day... Nap, he was sleeping a lot during day off, as usual... I am glad Chris turns out well, gets a soul mate as wife, gets a son and a daughter who are healthy and active, gets a house and gets a car and a stable job which he is good at (hopefully he won't fire his boss soon). He is less than 35 yr-old and he gets them all. I am so happy for him. Chris is the Iron Chicken in the house, but he does change a bit now. Mia was asking to get more toy for Joshua, he is good at Lego. So, they have been talking about this from time to time. Finally, Mia asked Chris seeing if any chance to get more Lego and he replied back in 4 hours which breaks his record, Joshua's Lego is on its way and it costs 199 NTD (around 4.70 Euro). Mia won't dare to tell Chris that it'll cost 80 NTD (around 2 Euro) for delivery, we guess he will regret this purchase... Well, Chris is getting better, isn't he?
Back to Mongolian BBQ, we really love it. All you can eat in 2 hours, the only problem is they only have one stove with 2 chef in the restaurant. The queue is quite long and they have to clean the stove every 30 mins which means another long queue while they clean up, but we only have 2 hours.... annoying... The new thing I find is they do have pocky bread, but tastes different than pita bread. Joshua likes it and Dave as well, I don't like it... The major target is the meat (beef / pork / lamb / chicken), quite fresh and slim sliced. The veggie choice is limited but should be enough. The dessert selection is limited too, 3 cakes and 5 fruit and 4 drinks (coke / sprite / ice tea / orange soda) and the most important item ~ Ice Cream.... That's the perfect ending for a good meal. We love it! We have a good meal and you can see it from our belly... baby girl enjoys it so much, all the way home, she is in meat coma....

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