14 September 2010

For the very first time, it was Alvin's idea to get all of us together ~ for his wedding invitation. He is so Alvin, his wedding date is on 27th and he called us out last week. Of course, he didn't call us in the first place, it was Amanda called us and then Alvin called us later to remind us to bring his photo during these years... Tonight, Alvin called again to make sure we are on our way. hahaha, Alvin gets nervous, wow, that's really new to us. Of course, it's our first time to see his girlfriend / bride-to-be. Well, I tried very hard and got 111 photo of him in 4 years. And most of them were in Dan Ryans, KTV, Shannon and stir-fried restaurant. Same old gangs and same old story. Dave had paid me big time not to take out the KTV video, so the bride won't be pissed off. I should charge Alvin on this too.
However, it's been a while for us get together. During dinner, Alvin asks Daniel for favourite - to be his driver on wedding day. It's so Alvin, last min notice. Daniel and Eva are going to have another baby in Feb. Eva is 4 weeks later than mine. They don't know the sex yet, but Daniel said if it's a boy and I can have Shuan Shuan's stuff (his little girl, she is 2 now, can't believe it).
Amanda is working in Business Center of Sheraton and she is happy where she is, stable income and regular office hours. The only problem is she gets 5 shifts and she switches between, kind of annoying. But, otherwise, she is grand. And her sis is going to have a baby too, same time as Eva. We were joking that we should get a group discount. Even the bride was saying they plan to get a baby soon, hopefully, during their honeymoon in France or Switzerland. Alvin and the bride are dating for over 6 years, but Alvin didn't think about marriage until his father passed away, now, it's been 3 years, it's time. I believe Alvin's mom will be so happy.
Same as usual, Dave tried to get a party for Alvin, of course, I won't let him go. Alvin is tided up with everything else, and I don't think the bride will be happy about this party. Better keep her out of this mess, we know too much histories, even Amanda. We know what those men thinking of, we know too well... Kind of lucky for Alvin, Alex is too tired to come for dinner, otherwise, he can tell more stories... hahaha... The good old days.... can't believe Alvin is settle down now.

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