12 September 2010

Can't believe this, Mo is in TPE and she is near my place. And she only called me twice on Friday with office number... She didn't even try to call me again, even in Danshui... it's so like her... Well, I gonna take her to Mary's burger and show her different way of brunch we have, so simple and easy. Well, I have both, Chinese (ham and egg fried rice) and Western (meat sauce hot dog / salad / chocolate milk shake). Excuse me, I am eating for two here... Well, Mo is my classmate in Primary school, and our families are friends too. Perhaps guys can't figure out how we work out, but, eating habit, we never change. I order and she will help me out, as the way it is. I wish she can find someone soon. She is a sweet girl and she deserves someone better.
OK, also you can see why I can't eat my dinner now. I am stuffed...
Oh, Happy Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Coffey, I meant senior. I really miss the holiday in Spain. And I hope I can put on that dress next year. I will try my best.... or even thinner... hahaha, watch out!

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