30 August 2010

Alright, can you see the different or the point? This morning, when I saw the wet ground and the chilly breeze, that rings a bell. Put on TV, Voila, two typhoons on each side of TW and one TD on the north of TW. Great, we have no rain for months and now, we get 2 typhoons and 1 TD in less than 800 km. Of course, this is going to be bad, the rain comes and goes, and getting heavy... By the time we finish clinic, the rain is so heavy, we won't dare to walk out. Somehow, we need to get food supply if the weather is going to be bad. So, we get the raincoats and head to MRT station which is 3 mins away on foot. OMG, the rain is so bad and the wind gets stronger and blows everywhere. This is the result ~ soaking....
However, we get what we need. We will stay in for a week, until those typhoons are gone. We pray for those ppl who live on the mountains and wish everybody will be alright. We get 5.2 earthquake this afternoon, Dave had a second want to open the door, in case we get stuck in. But, it turns out ok, we passed. We'll keep an eye on this next couple weeks.
PS: OK, correction. It's 3 typhoons now, The TD on the North, just upgraded to typhoon. Great, 3 in 1 go. Surprise!

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