31 August 2010

It's been cloudy whole day, the rain comes and goes, not too bad. I go to local market for last minute shopping, in case the veggie price go up after typhoons. It does come up a bit already. The heavy rain is going to make the veggie price go up 3~5 times and continues for weeks. Better been prepared than not. But another thing bad is I shouldn't walk on the wet ground. I nearly fall off three times in MRT station coz of the wet titles. Lucky me, I am good in balance, especially when I am not drunk.
This afternoon, I put my feet up most of the time, back to Doc's advice. When I change position, I think I feel baby girl's movement. She is like 1~2 mins behind me. Actually, that's what I felt for weeks when I moved while I slept. It starts to bother me during sleep. Sometimes, I have to wake up and move slowly to be sure I won't feel weird. Wake up to pee is bad enough, now, I have to wake up and turn, that doesn't happen since I cut off my long hair... Well, I heard my mom said she couldn't get 3 hours sleep during her 3rd trimester. I am not sure I will be ready for it...
Internet was down coz of typhoons for whole afternoon, even the cable too. It's really boring, but in the other hand, just remind me that I am not well prepared for typhoons. I didn't go thru the list, not water, no dry good, no battery and radio. I forget things more often now.

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