8 July 2010

Stir-fried eel noodle is one of my favorite food. The eel is fatty and soft. It's a famous dish in Tainan county. We grow up with this, it was my treat in childhood. Actually, it's a snack, small portion, but feel so good afterward. Dave likes to see how it's prepared, sometimes, the cook will make the eel on fire in the pan. When I was kid, we had to go to Liuo-Ho night market for eel noodle. It was so amazing to see how this dish is prepared in 5 mins. Wonderful!!! PS: I tasted the soup is very sweet. How come I can't taste salt, but sugar?

Shrimp soup also is one of my favorite food too. This food stand has been there since I was in primary school until now. It opens in the late afternoon, until it all sold out. The old couple only sells this shrimp soup and fish soup, served with rice noodle (which is my favorite) / noodle (which is Dave's favorite). The soup is so light, of course, it's a snack for afternoon. It's just simple and easy, but just enough to keep you go on couple more hours. There were some good memories while I was preparing for national exam. It's been so long, I can have the same order, so nice.
Oyster noodle is the famous TW dish, but it's hard to find a delicious one. This noodle looks good, but tastes different than what I think of. Perhaps my taste change due to pregnancy, it's so unfair, I want to taste the noodle... Of course, it's a snack for late afternoon, well, it's served whole day long, in small portion. Oh, right, I can't take the oyster too, it makes me sick now; although I keep trying.

This noodle shop is my new discovery, it's located in my local market, can you believe it's been here over 50 yrs? Therefore, when I do grocery shopping, this noodle will be my breakfast. It's easy and cheap, 50 NTD (1.1 Euro). Few slices pork, red yeast pork and fish balls provide energy for the morning. Well, This is my 2nd breakfast coz I wake up around 6~7AM and need to be feed right the way. Also, this shop opens around 10AM and closes around 5AM next morning. Amazing TW ppl, no wonder everybody remembers them.

Alright, after all the noodle, time for dessert. This is Bean-curd pudding (DouHua) served with red beans in syrup. So many ppl keep reminding me that I should drink lots of soy milk (no more milk coz of Lactose discomfort) and the baby will have smooth skin and being whiter colour. It's refreshing during hot summer, especially we have over 35 degrees everyday. It was 38.6 degree last Saturday, lucky us stayed in department store and looking for trolley (still comparing the price and functions).

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