12 July 2010

It's TPE toy and children articles fair in TWTC Hall 3, so I go with Mia and Joshua. While Joshua is having fun in the playground, I shop for my next 3~6 month clothes and underwear. My goodness, got 2 different sizes. Think in the good way, those clothes will stay with me for 1~2 years, even after the baby is born, I still can wear those while nursing period. But another wonder pops out, what if my bra size didn't go that much? Or my bump won't go that far? However, they are comfortable and I really like what I got.
In this fair, I got information regarding reserve cord and stem cell. Dave and I are still thinking about it, but worry about the technique is not mature enough yet. OMG, it's so expensive, but it'll be worth it if Dave can use it. However, we can't use it now, we gonna think about it when Dave can use it. Hopefully, the technique will be good in 10 years. Cross fingers and touch wood.

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