5 July 2010

It's an active Coffey for sure. Moving around during scan, we can see the arms and legs. Perhaps I shouldn't watch World Cup so often, or get too excited. DC has good view during scan, I only can see it from the side. Doc said baby has big head, I think it's good. It looks like the baby is sucking the thumb.
The sickness is still on, I have 5~6 meals per day with small amount. Take fruit whenever I can. This week, a new symptom comes to join - dizziness, Doc said it's normal. I'll keep an eye on it.
After my very first pregency check, 5 painful tubes of blood and I didn't cry; we paid a visit to lying in hospital, just upstairs of clinic. We like the environment, 2 weeks in this place, we should be able to keep up and get enough sleep.
PS: Please not to publish this news on Facebook yet, keep this news in this blog only. Thank you.


Ian said...

So brave giving all that blood! Great picture.

VL said...

5 tubes are a lot of blood from me. It gave me the bruise like the size of 2 euro...