7 June 2010

Out of nowhere, it comes alone. Perhaps my prayer is answered, perhaps it's time. We are so excited to find out this new life coming to join us. 6 yrs, with Chinese / Western medical help, nothing happen. I put on weight, depressed when period started. When we move into this new place, we took a break. Cousin Julia visited and some friends came over, parties were on for a week. Stay up drinking and party until 5AM, go home around 6AM, when Dave slept well in bed, I couldn't close my eyes. So, I stay up 2 days. Get some sleep, and then join another party, another day to go home early, after breakfast. It was strange, after beer / wine / tequila shots, I didn't get drunk at all. Perhaps high fat dinner made it go down well, but, after a night in pub, I don't feel tired or drunk, strange... after 2 nights, we bought a home test and got positive. Can't be sure, go to hospital and here we go.
Actually, this photo is 2nd scan taken on the 8th week. The first time we went to check and got scan was on the 6th week. On the 2nd scan was kind of touch, heard the heartbeat, so strong and fast. These weeks passed by, the morning sickness is just the name, it's on all day and night. Nausea and feel tired most of time. Auto screen saving is on in the afternoon. Talk about change, this baby does some changes on me. It's like Dave who doesn't drink milk, but I love milk and cheese so much; now I get Lactose discomfort. There are something I like to eat, but can't take it anymore coz of this baby, so I gonna give them up for a year, hopefully. For nausea, I take more fruit than ever. Doc said I gonna find out what I can eat and can't eat. It's a long way to go, will find out more. Interesting.
PS: Pls not to publish this news on Facebook yet, only on this blog. Thank you.


Kathy said...

So happy for you and Dave. When you took your mind off and not worry it happens. Same with me on Trish but then 4 more came after ha ha.. Might happen to you too. All family here say a big hello to you Dave n bump ha ha... Keep well and sleep lots too... xxx

VL said...

Tks, hopefully, everything is on the right track. I can't image what will happen next yet, but we'll see how it goes on this one. Cross fingers and touch wood. Miss you all too.