24 July 2010

In my childhood, my parents controlled all the food and snacks we ate. We took 3 meals a day, no snack, no sweet, no cookie, no candy. So when we were in school, we barely know what the classmate's snack / sweet / cookie / candy taste like. Of course, although my parents won't allow us to eat, we still managed to get a taste. It turn out, I don't really like most of them coz I was full from my regular meal.
I am interested on preserved fruit / candied fruit more, but not all of them. In my first trimester, I have trouble on my appetite, amount of meal; therefore, I went home for a week, see if my mom's cooking can make things turn around. I can't really taste food, salt or others, but super sensitive to sweet. So, no sweet or sugar at all. Somehow, I did think it's Dave's cooking problem, but he takes more salt than me, so, I should be able to taste it. Anyway, it turns out, it's me, just lost the taste, even my mom's homemade meal. And, something interesting happens, although I just found out on the phone with my mom these days. My Dad bought me some preserved fruit, mainly plums, and he left them in fridge for me to take home back to TPE. In his principle, fresh food is the best. That's the reason why we don't have preserved food in the house, only during typhoon season, he will get some can food, but that's it. But, preserved fruit, my Dad will let us take some to go with cherry tomato after we were 16. And he bought me few bags of preserved fruit to increase my appetite, it's so sweet. But he didn't tell anyone about this, so, I came back to TPE with empty hand and my mom found out. The funny thing was Daniel voluntary to do the taste trial, Daniel and my mom finished some and claimed I won't like them, so Daniel finished them for me.
Anyway, my appetite is kind of back on track. I can finish the portion Dave gives to me. I cut back to 5 meals per day. But I still can't smell the oil heating up, it really makes me sick for a while. So, I only can do boil / steam method. I don't put on weight, kind of loosing a bit weight. Dr. suggests me to control on 1 kg this month, another week to go.

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