20 July 2010

Happy 100th pregnant Day! The morning sickness is getting away. Today, for the first time, I can finish my Big Mac meal in once, not feeling sick at all. Yuppy! But the milk shake is way too sweet, can't drink it... Well, Dave takes care of it, he is getting used to eat/drink for two now. In these 100 days, from party animal to ready be a mom is so different than I thought. No drink, no smoke, no party, no coffee / tea and so on and on, I did it over night or two. Never think I can do it but I did and plan to go on, just for this baby. These days, I tried to push back meal time to be able to have meal with Dave, also being able to finish a normal portion to show my appreciation. Between meals, I take some snacks or fruit. So, big breakfast(s), small lunch and middle size dinner, plus 3 snacks and fruit, we are fine. It doesn't show on appear yet, but I can feel the top of uterus when I press down right above the pelvic bone in lower abdomen. It's weird, but I like it, can't wait to see more. Oh, I do auto screen saving in the afternoon still, on and off, can't help. I did 2-hr nap once, terrified. My mom warmed me that baby grows faster while I sleep. I gonna watch out on that then.

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