25 July 2010

It's the 15th week, my weight still stays the same. One more week to go, before the next appointment. We find the Chilies in Tienmu, so we give it a try. Well, the food cost is higher than TGI-Fridays, but the Margarita is cheaper and more choices. I still go with Mushrooms & Swiss burger, it's a bit dry and overdone coz Dave insisted I should take medium. The Friday's burger is more juicy and more veggie in. This Chilies' burger, meat is a big thinner, dry, no favour (can't taste the beef); but the grilled mushroom is more juicy and stay in big size. Well, good news is I finish the burger, but can't do the chips, no more room. It's been a while to have unsweet ice tea since last trip to States. But, at least, even the regular ice tea here won't be so sweet like in States, I wonder why they take the drink so sweet for. Nowadays, I do feel the hunger for meat, well, and some veggie. So, I try to change my meal, meat for day time, fish for night time. Let's see if it works for me.
After the big meal, we take a walk around this new area we have never been. I can't believe it's only 2 blocks away from Mary's and we didn't even try to explore. 2 department stores are on the same street, and so many gourmet restaurants nearby, it'll take us a while to try every single of them... Perhaps, wait until my appetite and portion are back then... While we walk on the street, the stadium is holding a baseball game and so many fans are there to support their team. During the break, the YMCA song keeps coming up. Dave dances and I can't stop laughing... What a day...

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