16 May 2009

House warming party! It's been a month since we move in, but this move took a lot of energy. Laterly, it's getting difficult to get us all together. Amanda hardly has weekend off. Alex doesn't really have day off at all. Michael just gets back from JP and he brings us the cake (hand carry back, priceless). Cyn cooks chicken wings and she is vegan, it's so delicious. I hope she'll turn around someday. Somehow, Alvin is working on this project which I am going to have interview next week. Daniel and Eva have parents talk with Chris and Mia. Joshua can't stop kissing Daniel's little girl. She is really pretty, Eva should be proud. In the end, we finish all the drink and leave chocolate in fridge. Guys go for KTV and we pass out. At least, DC doesn't go for 2nd round, I am happy with his choice.
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