11 May 2009

It's hot hot hot TPE weather, more and more ppl use AC now. We are on the high floor, so the breeze is just enough. We spent more time at home, from time to time, we do go out in some stages. I do go for interviews and surprisely, I have to turn down some offers. Interesting, isn't it? I want to go back to hotel, how can it be so difficult?
I called my Mom yesterday coz of TW mother's day. She said Daniel learn a new trick. Daniel is afraid of dark since he was little. He needs someone to go to loo with him and he's on training to go alone. He was waiting for my Mom on the corner to loo and said to her: "Nanna, come quickly! I'd like to share a secret with you." Yes, you are right, a secret. Of course, he still has to go by himself, but it's so funny to see him trying to get company.
Ian, we found this small bar in the back of the appartment. It's really a nice place to stop on the way back from grocery shopping.

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